Next Generation Sequencing

The Genomics Shared Resource provides NGS library preparation, sequence enrichment and sequencing services for use on the Illumina HiSeq2500 and MiSeq as well as Ion Torrent PGM and Proton sequencing systems. We also validate NGS findings using Agena, Illumina, SYBR green PCR and Sanger sequencing platforms.


  • Sequencing
    - HiSeq (High-Throughput and Rapid Mode)
    - MiSeq

Ion Torrent

  • Library preparation
    - AmpliSeq Exome (Certified Service Provider)
    - Ampliseq Transcriptome
    - miRNA and targeted
  • Sequencing
    - Proton (Exome and Transcriptome)
    - PGM (miRNA and targeted)
  • Validation
    - Somatic mutations
    - Targeted resequencing
    - SNPs