Y. Eugene Yu, PhD

Professor of Oncology
Department of Cancer Genetics and Genomics
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Dr. Yu received his PhD degree from the University of Texas at Austin. As a postdoctoral project investigator, he set up a transgenic mouse facility at MD Anderson Cancer Center Science Park. As a research associate in Marvin Meistrich’s laboratory at MD Anderson Cancer Center, he worked on generation and characterization of mouse mutants deficient in transition proteins. As a research associate/research assistant professor in Allan Bradley’s laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine, he generated chromosomal deletions and duplications to facilitate genetic analysis of mouse chromosome 11 and human chromosome 17. Currently, he is a faculty member of the Department of Cancer Genetics, Genetics Program, Cellular-Molecular Biology Program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Program at the University at Buffalo. He directs the Children’s Guild Foundation Down Syndrome Research Program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.


Research Interests: 
Mouse-based molecular genetic analysis of trisomy 21 and other human genomic abnormalities
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