Song Yao, PhD

Associate Professor of Oncology
Department of Cancer Prevention and Control
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Dr. Song Yao first came to Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) as a graduate student in 2003 after graduation from a bachelor degree in life sciences in Peking University, China. He received his PhD in molecular epidemiology in 2009, and continued his work at RPCI as a postdoctoral fellow afterwards. Dr. Yao was appointed to a faculty position as an Assistant Member and Assistant Professor of Oncology in the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control in 2012. Dr. Yao’s research interests are to use epidemiological tools to understand molecular and genetic mechanisms of cancer etiology, progression, prognosis, and prediction of treatment responses, and to discover and develop cancer biomarkers with potential clinical utility.

Research Interests: 
Vitamin D in cancer etiology, prognosis and racial disparity
Cancer pharmacogenetics and pharmacoepigenetics
Cancer treatment-related complications
Cancer biomarkers
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