Genitourinary Cancers

Program Leaders

James Mohler, MD
Barbara Foster, PhD

Contact Person

Karen Madden
GU Program Coordinator
Telephone: 716-845-3851
Fax: 716-845-8232

Program Goals

The central goal of the Genitourinary Cancers Program (GU) is to translate basic science findings into the clinical setting by identifying novel therapeutic targets and strategies for the treatment of patients with prostate, kidney and bladder cancer.

There are three overarching themes for the GU Program:

  1. To investigate epigenetic changes or signatures in GU malignancies.
  2. To develop novel therapeutic agents and immunotherapies.
  3. To explore the tumor microenvironment.

The pre-clinical and clinical research projects in prostate cancer aim to identify novel targets within the androgen-deprived prostate associated causally with the transition to castration-recurrent CaP, the lethal phenotype. Current research is focused on:

  1. Nuclear receptor regulation, including androgen receptor (AR) and vitamin D receptor (VDR) mediated signaling
  2. Cellular targets in endothelial cells, pericytes and tumor stem cells
  3. Histone modification modulation and survival pathway modulation
  4. Novel vaccine strategies

Research projects in kidney cancer are focused on:

  1. Genetic and epigenetic profiling of murine and human RCC
  2. Testing new therapeutic agents and novel combination strategies to overcome resistance to anti-angiogenesis therapies
  3. Validation of novel immunotherapies

Research projects in bladder cancer are focused on:

  1. Identification of histone modifier gene mutations and biological relevance
  2. Role of Vitamin D as a chemosensitizer for cisplatin-based regimens in preclinical models, and clinical neo-adjuvant settings
  3. Evaluating the anti-tumor effects of broccoli sprout extracts in preclinical models and patients with bladder cancer

Program leadership and members continue to expand research beyond prostate cancer to integrate scientific discovery across all aspects of the program.

Program Members

John Ebos, PhD

Leigh Ellis, PhD

Barbara Foster, PhD

Saby George, MD, FACP

Kenneth Gross, PhD

Khurshid Guru, MD

Wendy Huss, PhD

Candace Johnson, PhD

Eric Kauffman, MD

Ellis Levine, MD

James L. Mohler, MD

Roberto Pili, MD

Thomas Schwaab, PhD

Gary J. Smith, PhD

Gregory Wilding, PhD

Anna Woloszynska-Read, PhD

Yue Wu, PhD

Yuesheng Zhang, MD, PhD