Irwin H. Gelman, PhD - Program Leader

Contact Person: Ellen Sanders-Noonan
Tel: 716 845-8654
Fax: 716 845-1698

The Genetics Program (GN) is committed to fostering intra- and inter-programmatic and collaborative innovative studies that focus on functional genomics.  The overall goal of the GN Program is to identify and characterize genetic and genomic changes that drive and/or predict cancer initiation, progression or therapeutic response, thus developing new therapeutic targets.  Historically, much of the focus in this Program has been in basic research and discovery; more recently the goal has been broadened to encourage involvement by Program members in translational and clinical studies.  The Program’s central themes are:

1) Cancer Gene, Signatures and Pathway Discovery

2) Epigenetics and Genomic Instability

3) Mouse Models of Cancer

The program is led by Irwin Gelman, PhD, who has strong interests in basic and translational aspects of cancer genetics.  The GN Program has longstanding strength in basic cancer genetic discovery and functional genomics research. Dr. Gelman’s leadership in translating this to new drug/pathway targets and predictive genetic tests has been facilitated by robust inter- and intra-programmatic collaborations, monthly meetings and twice-yearly retreats that emphasize interaction with clinicians, population scientists and translational researchers.  Innovative new projects are promoted by the establishment of cutting-edge genetic screening, sequencing and bioinformatics platforms, and by GN-led projects that emphasize highly collaborative studies that will yield new grants and/or high-impact publications.

The GN Program has 26 members with expertise in mouse models of cancer, molecular analysis of human cancer, genetics and pathways controlling metastasis, epigenomics, bioinformatics and molecular pathology, all of which are fully integrated into the themes within the Program.  The Program members come from seven departments at RPCI.

Program Members

Andrei Bakin, PhD

Bora Baysal, MD

Richard Cheney, MD

Peter Demant, MD, PhD

Kevin Eng, PhD

Irwin Gelman, PhD

Sean Glenn, PhD

David Goodrich, PhD

Michael Higgins, PhD

Yurij Ionov, PhD

Eugene Kandel, PhD

Shahriar Koochekpour, MD, PhD

Song Liu, PhD

Carl Morrison, MD, DVM

Toru Ouchi, PhD

Santosh Patnaik, PhD

Steven Pruitt, PhD

Nicoletta Sacchi, PhD

Dominic Smiraglia, PhD

Jianmin Wang, PhD

Lei Wei, PhD

Saikrishna Yendamuri, MD, FACS

Yuejin Yu, PhD

Jianmin Zhang, PhD

Qianqian Zhu, PhD