MANUP provides educational resources to help men make informed decisions on issues related to prostate cancer.

African-American men are one-and-a-half times more likely as Caucasian men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and, when diagnosed with prostate cancer, they are more than twice as likely to die from it. Latinos, too, have considerably higher incidence of mortality rates for prostate cancer than Caucasians do. Determined to combat those disparities by increasing awareness and encouraging early detection, a group of WNY men began to talk about their own experiences with prostate cancer screening and diagnosis. Working with Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), they've crafted and distributed educational materials and information to help men make more informed decisions on issues related to prostate cancer screening, treatment and survivorship.

Last year, the group formalized its organization as Men Allied for the Need to Understand Prostate Cancer (MANUP). MANUP members actively engage men in our communities to talk about prostate cancer and the importance of talking to their physicians about being tested early for the disease. We work with Roswell Park cancer experts to present pertinent prostate cancer awareness information to churches and other men organizations. A goal of MANUP is to see our members trained and certified as prostate cancer awareness educators, which will allow it to both facilitate and reach out to even more men with information that may save their lives.

MANUP members cultivate partnerships with other groups in the region dedicated to prostate cancer education and awareness in order to sponsor and present events and activities (e.g., car & motorcycle shows; barbershop initiatives; organize awareness marches, etc.) that will draw more attention from men in the region to want to learn more about prostate cancer. MANUP members also plan to identify and recruit other men to become MANUP members.