Infrastructure Training Program

This training program is available to international allied health professionals and medical staff. The program offers training in multiple disciplines including data management, decision support, finance, infection control, medical dosimetry, pharmacy, public relations etc. The length of the training ranges from three (3) months to two (2) years and depends on the home institute and candidates' requests. 

These training programs require the trainee to obtain a J-1 visa, which is processed by RPCI-OICO.

A. Data Management training
This six (6) month training program is designed to provide knowledge of areas not specific to US health care system. Accepted candidates will shadow RPCI employees, be assigned multiple tasks, and complete a project that utilizes data collected by the candidate during the training modules. The training modules include finance and business intelligence, internal audit, organizational performance improvement, managed care, patient documentation and billing, information technology systems, joint commission strategy, nursing management and measures, decision support tools, and clinical operations. 

B. Pharmacy Training
The training program provides visiting clinical pharmacists with the opportunity to conduct research relevant to preparation of oncology medication and the skills necessary to maintain efficiency in the work flow of pharmacy. In addition, the training program includes understanding the management of pharmacy personnel, management of formulary and non-formulary anticancer agents, and understanding the role of electronic medical research and electronic medication administration record. This observership program is twelve (12) months of training divided into 4-6 week blocks of pharmacy research, elective and management related to the following areas: bone marrow transplant, hematology /oncology: leukemia and lymphoma, gynecologic oncology, breast cancer, lung cancer, GI malignancies, GU / soft tissue medicine, and investigational drug services. 

C. Public Relations Training
This is a three (3) months training program. The accepted trainees will learn “best practices” in the field of health care public relations, focusing on internal and external communications, media relations, social media use and application, and special events. Through a hands-on mentorship program with specialists in publications, internal/external communications, crisis communications, social media and media relations, trainees will learn how to effectively engage and influence stakeholders, build strong working relationships, create high-quality communications, organize successful special events, and thrive in a complex, fast-paced work environment with shifting priorities and demands.