Students in the Molecular & Cellular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MCBB) PhD program are expected to take a number of mandatory courses, as well as some elective courses of their choice. Specifically, all students take the following courses:

RPN 530

Oncology for Scientists I

RPN 532

Oncology for Scientists II

BPR 503

Molecular Biophysics

BPR 577

Tools & Models in Molecular Oncology

BPR 513

Lab Rotation in Graduate Research (Fall) 

BPR 514

Lab Rotation in Graduate Research (Spring)

BPR 601

Seminar/Journal Club (Fall)

BPR 602

Seminar/Journal Club (Spring)

RPN 541

Ethics and Conduct of Research

Additionally, students are to take either a course in Molecular Biochemistry or in Advanced Molecular Biology.

Other courses offered by various units within the SUNY system can be chosen as indicated by the need of the students in their specific area of training.

Examples of additional courses offered by the MCBB Program are:

BPR 501

Cell-Cell & Cell-Substrate Contact Phenomena

BPR 522

Image Formation & Processing

BPR 524

Drug Delivery: Principles & Application

BPR 525

Radiation Biophysics I

BPR 526

Radiation Biophysics II

BPR 572

In Vivo Nuclear Magnetic Resonance