Molecular Immunology

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MIR 511

All Molecular Immunology classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday of each week in the Grossberg Library, Cancer Cell Center (CCC), Room 314, unless otherwise notified.  The new schedule is below.

It is assumed that the student has had both genetics and biochemistry.  If the student has not had these courses they may have problems with the early material.  If there is a concern, please talk with the course instructor, Dr. Gollnick.

There will be two exams and a comprehensive final.  The exams will consist of essays and problems.  Alphanumeric calculators will not be allowed.  Each exam will be worth 30% of your grade, the final will be worth 40%.

The dates of the EXAMS are fixed, however the topics covered on each individual exam is tentative.

Other than confirmed illness or a confirmed death in the family, there are NO MAKE-UP EXAMS.  If a student is seriously ill and can produce a local doctor's excuse, please call Dr. Gollnick and work out some way to make up the exam.

If you ask Dr. Gollnick to regrade an exam, she will regrade the entire exam, not just one question.

There is one required text for this course:

Immunology, 7th Edition
Owens et al.
W.H. Freeman & Co.


Credit Hours: 
9:00 am to 10:20 am
Topic Date Kuby Chapter Lecturer Lecture Articles and/or Presentations

Introduction / History of Immunology

Sept. 1st 1 Gollnick/Evans Evans Presentation

Cells of the Immune System

Sept. 3rd 2 Hylander

Hylander Presentation Part 1

Hylander Presentation Part 2

Complement Sept. 8th 6


Repasky Paper

Repasky Presentation

Innate Immunity

Sept. 10th + 15th 5 Thanavala

Thanavala Presentaion Part I

Thanavala Presentation Part II

Cytokines, Cytokine Receptors and Chemokines

Sept. 17th + 22nd 4 Evans Evans Presentation

Migration and Imflammation

Sept. 24th + 29th 14 Evans Evans Presentation


Oct. 6th      

Antigens / Antibodies

Oct. 1st 3 Gollnick Gollnick Presentation

Immunoglobulin Genes

Oct. 1st + 8th 7 Gollnick Gollnick Presentation
Major Histocompatibility Complex

Oct. 13th + 15th

8 Gollnick

Gollnick Presentation

Antigen Processing and Presentation

Oct. 20th + 22nd 8 Gollnick Gollnick Presentation
T Cell Receptor/TCell Selection

Oct. 29th + Nov. 3rd

3 ,9 Cao

Cao Presentation 10/29

Cao Presentation 11/3


Oct. 27th       

T Cell Activation/Differentiation/Memory

Nov. 5th + 10th 11 Abrams Abrams Presentation

B Cell Activation/Differentiation/Memory

Nov. 12th 10 Holstein Holstein Presentation

Cell Mediated Responses

Nov. 17th + 19th 13 Abrams Abrams Presentation


Nov. 24th 16 Jiang Jiang Presentation

Thanksgiving / NO CLASS

Nov. 26th      


Dec. 1st

16 Sinha Sinha Presentation
Summary/Review Dec. 3rd




Dec. 10th